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Barefoot Safety Tips!

When you are barefoot, chances of having injuries and infections will increase. To protect your feet, wear shoes when you are out in the public! But if there are any chances that you want to take off your shoes, we have some tips for you!

1. Inspect your feet and children's feet frequently on a daily basis - earlier detection of skin issues allows easier treatment!

2. Consult a foot specialist if you suffer from a puncture wound within 24 hours - the wound site need to be properly cleaned and treated to prevent other issues like infection to the skin and bone, or even damage to your soft tissues! Chiropodists are professionally trained to treat and care for these injuries.

3. Wear flip flops or sandals when you're at the pool, locker room and beaches - it prevents from any minor injuries from the rough surfaces and sharp hidden objects in the sand, as well as the harmful bacteria and viruses.

4. If you are diabetic, important note - Diabetics should never go barefooted as they may not able to sense an injury on their feet due to neuropathy. To help you detect any cuts or injuries, wear white socks and use a mirror to inspect your feet. Always wear shoes.

Should any injuries occur, feel free to consult Silvia for treatment by calling us today!


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