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Flip flops. Good idea or nah?

As mentioned in the last post about fungal skin infections, it is best to wear sandals when you are at the pool or in the locker rooms and showers to prevent getting infected. But should flip flops be worn regularly as normal footwear?

It is true that flip flops prevent skin infections, but they encourage development of physical foot problems. As they are a flat piece of material, they do not provide much support or stability. So the feet will have pain in the arch and balls of the foot, and blisters will also form after a long period of time.

Also since your toes are exposed, you are more likely to get injured.

Additional note: as a result of constant wearing of flip flops, your children may return to school with foot discomfort and injuries. According to the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, a new bone will grow in the heel during stages of puberty and adolescence. Since flip flops do not support the heel, inflammation can occur in the area where the bone is developing and cause pain.

Other issues from wearing flip flops include Achilles tendinitis (inflammation in the Achilles tendon), ankle sprains, stress fractures, sprained or fractured toes, scrapes and cuts, skin infections and callus buildup in heel and toes.

Do not sacrifice your foot health for convenience! Look for sandals with sturdy, cushioned, supportive soles!

Reminder: foot pain is not normal and should be treated!


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