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An orthotic is NOT an insole!

Greetings from Oakville & Toronto :)

Summer is a great season, albeit a humid one, if you live in our neck of the woods. But it's great being able to make the most of it by enjoying the outdoors and soaking up the sunshine (in healthy doses people!).

I have had a few wonderful patients come hobbling in because of acute or ongoing foot/leg pain and a change in footwear or activity levels are sure to instigate and aggravate these matters. However, when I feel a custom-made foot orthosis is necessary for managing their concerns, I find myself having to answer the usual who/what/where/how questions regarding these great devices.

I'll say this one more time: An orthotic is NOT an insole.

A custom-made foot orthosis (or 'orthotic' as people know it) should be constructed from a 3D impression of one's feet, using either plaster molds or a laser scanner, with the patient non-weight bearing. Functionally, these techniques achieve the best devices for the warranted mechanical foot complaints.

A reputable clinic should be able to fully assess the individual, which takes time, and fully discuss the anticipated benefits from orthotic therapy. Moreover, the device is not the be all and end all to treating foot pain. It is only a piece of the puzzle that will offer you pain relief and from there, a management plan is typically discussed.

As the Latin phrase goes: Caveat Emptor. Always be weary of 'orthotic places' that simply get you in and out quickly with little to no discussion in between, you run the risk of not getting the relief or satisfaction you were expecting. Your feet matter!

Take care of your body and it will keep you happy

Until next time,


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