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Get your feet in gear

Runners and joggers alike know the importance of fit feet so they can go the distance. As you start gearing up for the great Summer weather and are thinking of running outdoors, here are some tips to keep your feet happy! For more information visit: #heelpain #footclinic #footpain

Foot pain keeping you down?

A majority of the population will experience foot pain to some degree at least once in their lifetime. Admittedly, foot pain can be a bit of a head scratcher for a lot of people. I have found that many times, patients cannot pinpoint a trigger or a good timeline for their pain. General presentations such as #heelpain and #archpain along with many others tend to have a common underlying factor: foot function! As chiropodists, we find that poor footwear and faulty foot mechanics tend to create the so-called 'perfect storm' for acute foot and leg pain. Some tips: -Foot pain is NOT normal and should be addressed and assessed by a podiatric practitioner (your local chiropodist/podiatrist) -When